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We are Rochèlle and Rob van Os and we live with our son and dogs in beautiful Limburg near the city of Venlo. On this page we would like to introduce ourselves and show you our dogs and our breeding plans.

It is important to know that in the Netherlands there is a legal ban on docking tails (and ears) in dogs. Therefore, our puppies are not docked and are available for active owners or families with and without a hunting license, seen as in some countries you need this license to buy a docked pup. However, we think it is important that new owners know that these hunting dogs are not just a dog for everyone and require a lot of physical and mental activity. Fortunately, besides hunting and training for hunting competitions, there are a lot of other types of dog sports where wirehaired excell at. 


Our dogs

All the dogs in our family are used for both practical hunting in the field and training for and participating in various disciplines within hunting dog trials. We can be found in the field almost every week hunting geese, pigeons, crows and jackdaws and in the fall hare, pheasant and fox. We also train our dogs in tracking shot deer and wild boar. The dogs are inseparable from our family and live comfortably in our home. They are very relaxed indoors and live very socially with each other and our son James (4). Besides being in the field almost weekly, we also participate regularly in dog shows. To maintain the breed-specific conformation of the wirehair, I find it important to know the good and less good physical points of my dogs.

For all results of the hunting tests and/or (inter)national dog shows, see the page; 'Onze honden'


Our kennel

We breed according to the rules of the breed association Vereniging Vrienden Duits Draadhaar and meet all health and working requirements as set by them. Both parents are fully tested regarding their health; they have HD-A and are free of OCD, ED and Von Willebrand type II. Our kennel is registered with the dutch pedigree dog organization Raad van Beheer.


Our puppies

We strive for healthy, social puppies that are a great addition in the (hunting) field and within the family. A typical wirehair with a great will to work as an all-round hunting dog but who also can (and wants to) lie on the couch between the children.

The first weeks a puppy spends with the breeder are essential for the future development of the dog. This is where the foundation for the dog's future life is laid and that this brings with it a particularly great responsibility we as breeders are well aware of. For us, this means that during the 7 to 8 weeks that the puppies stay with us, everything revolves around them and their development. Our puppies grow up indoors, in the middle of our family with child, cat and other dog(s). They are introduced at an early age to everything that, we believe, is the basis for a social and active life, various household appliances, children, other animals, toys and, as befits a hunting dog, scents of some game and some small, age-appropriate exercises for shot retention and water. When they are ready for solid food, meals are ushered in with the whistle to establish this link for later.


Our working method

We firmly believe it is of utmost importance that there is a good click with future owners so we are happy to meet you in person. If this is difficult due to distance, for example, there is a possibility to phone or video call. In this conversation we like to hear what exactly you are looking for and what you can offer a puppy from us. When we are both enthusiastic about this you can put yourself on the reservation list. You can indicate your preference for sex and color of the puppy, but the most important thing is that there is a match based on character and future plans with the puppy. There is no "first come, first served" principle, but which puppy fits which new owner. We will search for this together. We do keep an eye on the order in which the puppies are registered. During the period that the puppies stay with us, we expect future owners to be very involved with the puppies. If desired, you can visit us several times to follow the puppies.


At the age of 7 to 8 weeks the puppies may move to their new owner or family. They will of course have been checked by the veterinarian for health and have had their first vaccination. They are proven free of worms, fleas and other parasites. Around 6 weeks of age the puppies will be microchipped by an employee of the Raad van Beheer and DNA will be taken for parentage verification. I am very critical on giving the right food and in this we spare no effort for a healthy start in life. Of course we take into account (the wishes of) future owners and the puppies will be used to fresh meat as well as kibble. Of course there will also be a (big) start with house training for the puppies. Besides a puppy package, information folder and food, the new owner will also receive their official pedigree with DNA profile, EU pet passport and chip registration. We work with a sales agreement.

Around the age of 6 weeks the puppies undergo a puppy test and an examination by a very experienced hunting dog breeder and canine instructor. Based on this, and our own findings and experiences, we will work with the new owners to see which puppy will best suit which owner/family. Taking into account the experience and future plans we will make the best possible match. If our puppies have a new home we are always ready for tips and advice, no matter how small the problem! Of course we love to keep in touch about the ups and downs of our "puppies".

Breeding plans for spring 2024

We hope to welcome wonderful puppies from this combination of work ethic and beauty. Both prospective parents are very social, golden wirehairs with high work ethic and wide performance in the field and at trials.


Jack is an incredibly balanced, calm, confident male with a very friendly and strong character. Given the high results he achieved at various hunting trials and what he shows in the field, he can be called a true all-rounder. He is a versatile practice dog and is widely used for water game, as well as black and predatory game. He has a lot of calmness in him and by nature is a steady dog, with very good nose use and perseverance. During the hunt he is very focused on his hunter; despite his high performance he is a very calm and manageable, loyal companion. Jack's dam Abbi is the winner of the 2018 Hegewald. Meanwhile, he is the sire of several litters where the oldest offspring all achieved high results at the HZP and are also excellent in health and character.

Jack is an insanely beautiful appearance, his conformation is as a wirehaired male should be for me. Powerful, broad, well built with the right angulations, very noble head and great muscling. He received the German rating of 11/11 for this. In terms of character he is everything you want from a wirehair; very social to other dogs and people and crazy about children. Indoors relaxed and affectionate. Loyal to the boss and he can effortlessly join the hunt between other dogs and bitches.


Merrah is a very social, sweet lady who is very easy to get along with. She is very social to people, children and other dogs and we take her everywhere easily. Indoors she is a lovely quiet dog. As soon as she gets the chance she crawls on your lap and is a real cuddler. In the field she has a high drive and a lot of perseverance. She now has 3 high SJP B diplomas to her name and goes weekly into the field for both retrieving and tracking work as well as small game hunting in the fall. She has a very good nose and makes sure everything comes in from crow to goose. Besides the practical work we train for MAP´s and we have started sweatwork training which she does well. Merrah has a feminine and elegant build with a very pretty head. She has been regularly praised by various judges at exhibitions at home and abroad for her conformation, angulations and movement. She has won quite a few titles. She is Dutch Youth Champion, Dutch, Belgian, Swiss and International Show Champion.


We have high hopes for this wonderful combination. Both character and appearance and the work ethic in the field match very well. Especially in character we expect very sweet, social, honest wirehairs. Both parents-to-be are very easy going and friendly to the whole family, crazy about children and very social with other dogs. They are laid back indoors but with passion, drive and still plenty of steadiness while working. We are expecting both browns and blacks from this combination. Both parents are wire-haired inherited and have a short compact coat, which allows for minimal maintenance yet plenty of garnish. The puppies grow up in our home and we do our best to give them the best possible start in life, complete with all the socialization you would expect in a (hunting) dog.

Just as excited as we are? And interested in an introduction and possibly a puppy from this great combination? Then feel free to contact us. We will work with a reservation list. Future owners with ambitions in hunting and/or hunting-related dog sports/competitions have an edge with us.



We can communicate in Dutch, German and English

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